Handstands 1


Learning Handstands is central to all circus training. Helping build your core and upper body strength, this Handstand course will help you gain confidence in inversions and is a transferable skill to other acrobatic disciplines.  

Handstand training is suitable for all abilities and is a great place to start your acrobatic training.

Who it's for

Handstands 1 is suitable for complete beginners OR those who have completed an Introduction to Acrobatics course or Circus Arts 1 Acrobatics. 

If you want to learn acrobatics but aren't sure what skill to focus on, have a look at our Introduction to Acrobatics course.

Our Level 1 courses are based on curriculums that are the same each term, so we don't recommend repeating them. However, you can try a Level 1 course in a different skill.


Mondays at 8pm - 9.30pm

Tuesdays at 8pm - 9.30pm

Classes are 1.5 hours including a warm-up and cool down. 

No classes: 
Monday: 8 October and 19 November
Tuesday: 9 October and 20 November

Term 2

Monday 7 January - Sunday 7 April

Half term: Monday 18 - Sunday 24 February

Term 3

Monday 22 April - Sunday 14 July

Half term: Monday 27 May - Sunday 2 June



Price: £228.25 / £159.50 (concession) for 11 weeks.


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