Application timeline

Lab:time 2016-2017

Round 10 (work in July – September 2017)

Applications Open: Monday 23 January 2017

Application Deadline: 5pm Monday 3 April 2017


Round 11 (work in October – December 2017)

Applications Open: Monday 1 May 2017

Application Deadline: 5pm Monday 3 July 2017


Round 12 (work in January – March 2018)

Applications Open: Monday 31 July 2017

Application Deadline: 5pm Monday 25 September 2017

Lab:time applications are now open

Applications for Lab:time Round 10 (July-September 2017) are now open and will close at 5pm on Monday, 3 April.

Lab:time panel

Every three months applications will be considered by the Lab:time panel which will consist of two permanent members (the Director of Circus Development and the Circus Development Manager) and three temporary members who will change each time.  One of these temporary members will be a National Centre for Circus Arts staff member and two will be ACDC members.

Volunteers for these roles from National Centre staff and ACDC members are warmly encouraged. The commitment will involve reading and commenting on all applications and attending one decision making meeting.

If you're interested in being on the Lab:time panel please email