Tumble - BBC One

Circus consultancy

The National Centre acted as the circus consultant for the BBC One show ‘Tumble’. This included providing the aerial training in the lead up to the live shows. National Centre teachers Amy Panter and Katharine Arnold were the aerial teachers for the project.

We also had four National Centre graduates working on the show as celebrities’ pro-partners: Kate McWilliam, Billy George, Kat Would and Holly Johnstone.

Episode 1 aired at 6.30pm on Saturday 9 August, BBC One. Find out more about the show at www.bbc.co.uk/tumble

Tumble: Professional Showcase

Watch the Judges and the Professionals showcase performance, including National Centre graduates.

Tumble: Grand Finale

Watch Lucy Mecklenburgh's Trapeze performance to 'Born This Way' with National Centre graduate Billy George