FEDEC The National Centre for Circus Arts is a member of FEDEC

FEDEC was established in 1998 to build relationships between vocational Circus schools. The network enables the organisation of bilateral and multilateral exchanges of students, teachers and administrators.

Its objective is to launch, formalise and implement initiatives aiming to promote the development and evolution of creation and pedagogy in the Circus Arts sector. FEDEC develops contacts with national and European institutions, such as the government ministries for education, culture, trade and industry and develops Europe wide projects to support training. The Federation also aims to ensure that health and safety standards are maintained in all member schools.

The Statutes of the Federation commit to the following actions :

• Initiating activities to improve the quality of vocational training and teacher training in the Circus Arts sector.

• Encouraging and supporting international exchanges through the creation and implementation of networks to strengthen links between schools.

• Expanding creative cooperation between Circus Arts professionals and those working in other artistic disciplines.

• Promoting the work of young artists and creators that come from the member schools.

• Collaborating with the professional field and other associations that share the same philosophy in order to encourage the professional integration of young artists and creators.

FEDEC gathers and disseminates information relating to Circus Arts education, and intercedes according to the needs of its members with European or national authorities in order to strengthen and support initiatives through its activities. FEDEC increases the influence of creation and training in Circus Arts.

The Federation uses a professional code of ethics from the European Charter of Professional Circus Arts Training.

Further information www.fedec.eu

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