Gandini Juggling

Having finishing a successful run as part of The British Council Showcase in Edinburgh presenting greatly lauded work “Smashed”, Gandini Juggling came to the National Centre for Circus Arts to begin work on a new project in Autumn 2013.

The Gandinis embarked into new territory – pairing four ballet dancers with four jugglers – as part of a new commission by ROH Studio.

As Sophie Rose, General Manager of Gandinis explained: “For the last decade, Gandini Juggling have often had a guest dancer; a solitary figure, a magician illuminating patterns, framing and wandering amongst traces.

This piece will revisit the company’s frequent obsessions with grids/patterns and mathematics and will be informed with a hovering new found theatricality.”

Head of Circus Development Roz Coleman

“We are very excited... to announce a new partnership with Gandini Juggling, as part of their newest adventure 4 x 4 Ephemeral Architectures . Both organisations share a fascination with the boundaries of Circus and those points of interaction and crossover with other artistic disciplines. This next exploration into space and physicality examining perceived notions of ‘high’ and ‘low’ art is a bold and yet natural move from these pioneers of the juggling world. We look forward to watching the development of this elegant dialogue between ostensibly separate concerns and seeing how they fall, gracefully or otherwise, into step with one another, and the results of that tandem choreography.”

Sean Gandini

"The marriage of Ballet – considered the highest of arts-  with Juggling – frequently considered amongst the lowest of arts – is full of rich possibilities, both in regards to bringing a new serious audience to circus but also in bringing the perceived joviality and insouciance to Ballet. We hope that this work will help blur the labelling barriers between the art forms. Over the years we have developed a very thorough lexicon of juggling vocabulary. We are hoping that by sharing and comparing our language with the well documented and codified world of Ballet, we will learn more about the practical aspects of our archival process."

Tim Roberts, Director of Higher Education Courses

"(We are) proud to be able to partner with Gandini for its latest project. As (the National Centre for Circus Arts), and its Degree Programme, has grown, jugglers of the company have found a place at the heart of all our activities. From being students, to teaching and now through regular participation in their world tours, it is a pleasure to see how our relations have grown. This partnership is even more relevant to us as our Degree Programme is the only one in the world to offer a specific Juggling Strand, dedicated to developing the talents of young jugglers through a Higher Education framework. The closeness of our ties will mean that the students involved with the Juggling Strand will benefit from the professionalism and creativity that the Gandini demonstrate. It is a real pleasure to begin this new phase of our common journey."