Statement on the EU Referendum

National Centre for Circus Arts

In the wake of voters’ decision for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, the National Centre for Circus Arts will continue to work hard to support, develop and promote circus arts.

We will play whatever role we can in working to safeguard existing funding for education, arts and culture, and will ensure that our art form has a voice that supports artists, teachers, participants and audiences. Circus is a truly international art form that, with its uniquely non-verbal language, can tell tales crossing all borders. Our international community is filled with extraordinary artists whose mobility around the world is crucial for the continued development of our art form.

National Centre for Circus Arts Chief Executive Kate White said: “Circus crosses borders and politics and began here in the UK some 250 years ago, going on to become one of the most international of all art forms. We will continue to champion circus, to develop circus arts education and to promote the value that our own brand of physical creativity brings to communities and individuals. 

“Our vision of a real culture of circus in the UK where our art form is both inspirational and aspirational remains our focus. Circus is a fundamentally collaborative art form and we will endeavor to collaborate locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to make the very best work we possibly can.”

Circus transforms lives, and we will continue to work hard to broaden our reach, to support students, teacher and artists to be the very best they can be. 

 Monday 27 June 2016