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Coronavirus update Term 1 suspended (Sept - Dec 2020)

Evenings and weekends

Our Introduction to Acrobatics course is a great opportunity to try out a range of different acrobatic skills over 11-13 weeks. This course is a good option for those who are new to acrobatic circus and want to see which skills they most enjoy.

We will also be offering entry level classes in specific acrobatic skills: Handstands 1, Acrobalance 1 and Tumbling 1. These are open to complete beginners OR those who have already taken our old Circus Arts 1 Acrobatics Course and would like to focus on a single acrobatic skill. See here for the full timetable.

All these skills are also available at Level 2 and 3 - higher level courses can be booked once your teacher has signed you off to move on. If you would like to start your training on one of these higher level courses, you can book an Acrobatic Assessment.

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Find out more about our new courses and book your place via the links below.