Modules - BA Hons Degree


This one year course consolidates the technical level of the student’s specific circus discipline and the integration with a personal artistic approach. Continuing to advance their analytical and reflective skills the student will build upon their experience of performance contexts through research presentations, essays and other assignment projects. Like within the Foundation Degree, training is intensive, weeks are 35 hours long with a mix of taught sessions and scheduled independent learning. Each year is 35 weeks in length in order to sustain physical progression. Class sizes vary depending on the subject being taught. A typical week includes classes in their specific circus discipline, sessions in direction and movement, contextual studies, time for research and academic study, and a higher expected level of autonomy and independent practice than the Foundation Degree.

The BA (Hons) Degree programme is comprised of seven core modules:


Circus Discipline Level 2 (30 Credits) 

Term: Autumn, Spring and Summer

In this module students will build on their skill acquisition in their circus discipline with the aim to progress their physical, technical and artistic development as a circus artist in line with industry expectations. The module will be delivered as a combination of tutor led discipline focused sessions/workshops and task driven independent learning. Scheduled independent and peer led learning sessions are a central element of this module. 

Alongside progression with technical skills in their discipline, students will be expected to demonstrate a level of professionalism in their practice in line with industry expectations of circus artists. Students will be assessed on both of these elements, and will also complete a risk assessment to demonstrate a professional level of understanding regarding health and safety protocols related to their discipline.


Circus in the 21st Century (10 Credits) 

Term: Autumn

This module allows students to analyse and contextualise developments in contemporary circus.  Students will be assessed on student-led theoretical presentations on specific practitioners and will also produce an original piece of research in the form of a practitioner interview and reflective essay.


Directing (15 Credits) 

Term: Autumn and Spring

This module draws together learning from academic and performance classes to introduce students to the practice of directing.  Students will each have the opportunity to direct a short piece, and to perform in one another’s work and will be assessed on presentations at different stages of development.


Movement and Composition 2 (15 Credits)

Term: Autumn and Spring

This module advances students’ ability to apply principles of choreography and composition to the creation of new work.  Students will devise and perform original movement pieces, and will be assessed on both their process of creation and their performance. 


The Business Plan (10 Credits)

Term: Autumn and Spring

Students work individually or in a group to prepare a business plan for the development of a professional project to be implemented after graduation.


Ensemble Performance Task  (15 Credits)

Term: Summer

This module comprises a ensemble production devised in collaboration with an external director or choreographer. This work takes place over an intensive period of a number of weeks and culminates in the creation of a professional standard production for public viewing. This module usually takes place externally, and occasionally may take place outside of London or the UK.


Negotiated Performance Task (2Credits) 

Term: Autumn and Spring

This module gives students the opportunity to use all of the skills and techniques they have learnt so far to create a devised performance. The piece will allow them to show their personal approach to circus creation and to highlight the technical level that they have achieved. The piece can be created as an individual performer or as part of a group with other students and students will be assessed on both the process of creation and the final performance. The performance is open to the general public.