Foundation Degree 2nd Year Devised Pieces

Thursday 31 March & Friday 1 April 2022


Everyone in the world of performing arts is excited to see the return of  audiences. Entertaining, informing and engaging with people is ultimately why artists and performers do what they do.

It’s particularly poignant for us today as our 2nd Year Foundation Degree students present their first live performances since they arrived at the National Centre in September 2021, 6 months into the pandemic.

This student intake have had to endure circumstances unlike any others since our higher education programmes were set up over two decades ago. However, the restrictions have not hindered their ambition and determination. We hope you enjoy the performances this afternoon and show your appreciation for the extraordinary work and skills that our students have put in to these devised pieces.

Performance times & info

Thursday 31 March

14:00 – Show A

16:30 – Show B*

Friday 1 April

14:00 – Show B*

16:30 – Show

*Please note that nuts are used on stage during the performance of  7. The Alba Cockatoo in Show B.


Show A

1. Sophia Dennis
Chinese Pole

2. Alvaro Grande Casillas
Leap into the unknown

3. Cat Singh
Swinging Trapeze
Cosmic Girl

4. Kitty Durbin

5. Chiara Manni

6. Jack Lewis
Trick Bike
Post-less Service

7. Eric Hardy

8. Evie Smithers
Not performing

9. Lucy Hallam
Hoop Diving

10. Maria Whiting
Dragon Stance

11. Danyna Mearns

Show B

1. Molly Ashby
Static Trapeze
Feeling Good

2. Mhairi Hamilton-Reid

3. Sorcha Lockyer
Flying Pole
Find me Again

4. Joe Coward
Single Point Trapeze
My Beautiful Nightmare

5. Katherine West
Single Point Trapeze
Leaving Me

6. James Gill & Emily Odunsi

7. Ania Giannattasio Blanco*
Aerial Hoop/Hair hang
The Alba Cockatoo

*Please note that nuts are used onstage during this performance

8. Grace Monchar
Left Behind

9. Lauren McDonnell
Single Point Trapeze
You do not Yield

10. Ellie Pearson
(Wo)Man’s World

11. Felix Sudbery
Chinese Pole
The Boiled Frog

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National Centre Staff

Foundation Degree Teachers

Lydia Harper, Hauk Pattison, Ian Marchant, Inaki Fernandez Sastre, Korrie Aulakh Singh, Leo Hedman, Will Davis, Sammy Dinneen, Paddy Waters, Alexander Dobrynin, Ronan Jenkinson, Arielle Lauzon, Katharine Arnold, Amy Panter, Neus Gil Cortes, Laura Doehler

Production & Higher Education Team

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Matt Burch – Head Rigger
Giles Stoakley – Company Stage Manager
Sunni Jolly – Deputy technical Manager
Adrian Porter – Head of Higher Education Delivery
Stevie Taylor – Head of Academic Administration
Martha Harrison – (Student lead) Year Manager
Amy Welbourn – Year Manager
Michaela O’Connor – Year Manager
Antigone Exton-White – Student Support Manager
Joanna Young – Admissions and Registry Manager
Nikita Shergill – Records Officer


Staff Team

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Anna Duncan – Access & Participation Manager
Anthony Lewis – Buildings Maintenance Officer
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