What is it?

Raise money for the National Centre for Circus Arts at no cost to yourself by signing up to Easyfundraising. Over 3000 retailers will donate up to 15% of the cost of your shopping.

How do I set it up?

1. Click easyfundraising for National Centre for Circus Arts
2. Click ‘Support us now’
3. Enter your details and create an account

Please remember that ticking the Gift Aid box and registering  your details increases the value of your donation – so for every £1 you donate we receive an extra 25p from the taxman at no extra cost to you.

The National Centre for Circus Arts will now receive donations when you shop online.

Firefox toolbar

To make the most of Easyfundraising we recommend you use Firefox as your internet browser.

A toolbar for Firefox is available to install on your computer making shopping through easyfundraising quicker and easier.

1. Select the Find and Remind option and click Install
2. A box will come up on the left hand side asking you to allow the installation. Click allow
4. Restart Firefox. You will now have an extra search bar that you can use when you shop.