Aerial Silks performer needed

Details for the event:

The event is taking place at LSO St Luke’s London (161 Old St, London EC1V 9NG) and will run on the 18th of October from 5-7:30pm – The performer would have access to the venue from 3pm onwards.

Length of performance

We would like to have 2×10 minute silks aerial performances during the event.

Rigging at LSO:

The venue has an 11-metre fixed rig, which can take 1 person. As these are to the building the performer would need to go in prior to the event for a site visit as soon as possible to confirm their method.




We would like to have someone confirmed by the end of August if possible.

Permission to video and photograph:

We also intend to film and take photographs at our event. We would need the performer to be willing to consent to being featured in the film/photographs.


We require the performer to have Public Liability insurance of not less than £5 million for the event.


Elise Pearce at