Hackney Children's Theatre

Hackney Children’s theatre brings theater for children and their families to Hackney.

The project invites professional theater companies to perform in a community venue in Hackney. The day is produced by volunteers who stage manage the performances providing event experience and helping to keep ticketing affordable for the local community.

We are holding a Variety on the 29th October 2022 to mark our return, “bye to the old and hello to the new.”

We are looking for professional comedy, acrobatic, novelty, special and magical variety acts that can surprise and entertain a family audience, not necessarily Halloween themed.

We stage two shows of approx 50 minutes on the Saturday morning at 11am & 2pm. Each act should be max 10 minutes, min 5, we pay the same fee regardless of act size (£200 for 2 performances in the day).

Application is via email with brief act description, imagery and reference to video. We have no aerial rigging or blackout facility. Audience is seated at the same level as performance in close proximity. Application deadline 29 July. Venue: Old school Rooms, E5 0PN