Rigging Cruise Job

Access All Areas Rigging is currently looking for show riggers who would like to join the team aboard some of our luxury cruise liners.

The show interiors were set up by Cirque du soleil but they no longer operate the shows and have been taken over by a company called TED/RWS but they still use the technology from that and put on some amazing shows.

They are looking for outgoing people who have just started in performer rigging so they can offer training and experience to help you on your way as a worldwide freelance rigger.

The rates we offer are £3,600 per month with everything included so you should be able to save save save!!!

The only thing you need to supply is PLI 2million, travel medical insurance with covid cover.

If you are interested in these jobs and love to travel then please get in touch!!

Contact Details: Mark Perrin, mark@aaa-rigging.com, 07796782301