How to apply


On two sides of emailable A4 tell us WHAT you want to do, WHY you want to do it, WHO you want to do it with and HOW MUCH you’re requesting from Lab:time, along with our cover sheet, which you can find below.

Email to

Dos and Don'ts

Do use photos, drawings, links to websites, You Tube or any other media.  Anything that communicates your ideas in a way that make sense to you (and ideally to us too).

Don’t include DVD’s or CD’s or anything that cannot be contained on 2 sides of A4 in an email.

Do think about what will make your idea stand out.  What makes it original, unusual, or outrageously ambitious.  What makes it a great (or small) leap forward for you, your discipline or the artform more generally.

Don’t send us your CV or include detailed biographies of participants.  It’s the ideas that count.

Do be prepared to answer any follow up questions that we might have about your application.

Don’t assume that the more words you use the more likely you are to be successful. Short, well-structured paragraphs can by just as meaningful as pages of text.

Do be prepared to justify the figures you provide.  If you’re applying for a new set of juggling balls that cost £600 we’ll want to know why.

Assessment criteria

Lab:time has been designed to support experimentation and innovation in the Circus Arts. We do not expect every recipient of Lab:time support to go on to make a full show and if, at the end of the R&D you undertake, you realise that your idea will not work then that is a valid and important outcome. With this in mind we will aim to support as many projects as possible with the time and money available. 

Original ideas that have been clearly expressed and that represent a step forward for the artist or the artform more generally are most likely to succeed.