What you can apply for

Four elements

Lab:time is made up of 4 elements. You can apply for one or more of these elements in any combination.

Space:time -Artists and companies can apply for R&D time in the Creation Studio at the National Centre for Circus Arts. 

You can apply for as little as an hour, or as much as a week of Space:time.  If you are based outside of London and wish to apply for Space:time you can also apply for up to £500 as a travel grant.

Team:time - Artists and Companies can apply for funds to pay for collaborators in their R&D. Collaborators can be from any discipline and might include a director, a video artist, a costume designer or a live musician.

Tech:time - Artists and Companies can apply for funds towards the purchase, development or fabrication of a new piece of equipment.  This does not need to be a traditional piece of circus kit and as with all Lab:time applications we encourage innovation and experimentation.

High:time - Artists and Companies can apply for funds to pay a competent rigger to support their R&D.

You can apply for a maximum of £1,500 and 5 days in the Creation Studio. Successful applicants will not necessarily be awarded the full amount of funding or space:time requested in their application.

Important information

Applications are invited from Circus Artists based across the UK and there are no geographical restrictions on where the funding can be spent.

Lab:time is open to circus artists and anyone who is interested in developing a project involving circus artists.

Lab:time has been created to support projects during their very early stages. We are unlikely to support show rehearsals or R&D for work that has already spent a significant amount of time in development. Some projects further in their development may be more appropriate for Lab:time².

If an artist receives Tech:time funding towards a new piece of equipment that equipment remains the property of the artist and not the National Centre for Circus Arts.

There will be 12 funding rounds in the period 2015-2017 – one every three months. Therefore, make sure you have the time to do the work in the period for which you have applied.