Movement Analysis and Treatment for Aerial Artists

7 September (10:15am - 5:45pm)

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Emily Scherb for a 1-day workshop aimed at healthcare professionals with an interest in understanding and helping the aerial artist community.

If you are an aerialist looking to learn more about how your body works, please see Practical Anatomy for Aerialists.

About the workshop

Want to be the person in your community that circus artists look to for their health and body care? Understanding the ins and outs of working with these unique athletes will help you become a valuable resource and training partner. Learn to assess the stresses and challenges aerialists face and recognize the common movement patterns that place them at risk of injury. Help aerialists get stronger in ways that support their practice and improve their performance. Get your clients in the air, keep them in the air, and performing at their peak!  

For further details about the course content, please see here.

About Emily

Dr. Emily Scherb has a doctorate in physical therapy and a lifelong passion for understanding human movement.

She’s been a practicing aerialist for almost 30 years and has dangled from balloons, danced in the air, and swung from trapezes. That background inspired her to specialize her practice on circus and aerial artists. She has a proven track record of helping patients who have not seen results with traditional physical therapy due to her unique perspective on how the body works both on the ground and in the air.

As an educator, she travels the world teaching circus artists, instructors, and healthcare professionals about the unique physical demands and challenges of training the body to do incredible feats.

To find our more about Emily, check our her website, The Circus Doc.

Details and booking

Saturday, 7 September, 2019 from 10:15am to 5:45pm (30 minute lunch break).

The workshop will take place at the National Centre for Circus Arts.

Price: £170

Book online below or call Reception on 020 7613 4141.

Day Time Class
Saturday 7 Sep 10:15am