Workshop skills

We offer a range of circus skills and work with our clients to find the right ones for their team. 

To discuss any of our skills further or to book a workshop, get in touch:



Our workshops begin with a health and safety briefing and a fun group warm-up.


Flying trapeze

An exhilarating and challenging aerial circus skill. The help and encouragement of colleagues is essential when stepping off the high trapeze platform to swing through the air.



A rewarding skill that everyone can enjoy. Participants will be taught to juggle separately and in pairs, and learn tricks and games as a group.


Stilt walking

Strapped into a pair of stilts, initially no one can walk without the support of their colleagues – yet with their help by the end of the session most learn to go it alone.


Static trapeze

A fun, challenging aerial circus skill - participants assist each other as they learn tricks and moves on and around a static trapeze bar.


Tightwire walking

Requiring balance, focus and rhythm – participants need each other’s help at first, before gradually learning to get across the wire unsupported.


Double Dutch

Using giant skipping ropes participants learn tricks with multiple ropes and multiple jumpers. Challenging but hugely entertaining and requires a real team effort.


Acrobatic balancing (human pyramids)

Working together to build human structures means participants must literally put their trust in one another’s hands. A giant human pyramid makes a great finale to the day.

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