Reporting bullying, discrimination and inappropriate behaviour

We strongly encourage all of our community to report any instances or bullying or discrimination, either that you are personally subject to or that you witness, while taking part in any National Centre activities, via any member of NCCA staff. However, we also recognise that there may be occasions where you wish to escalate an issue beyond NCCA staff, or report an issue anonymously.  You can contact the Chair of the Audit Committee who is a Trustee of NCCA directly via and your email will only be seen by the Chair of the Audit Committee. Or you can report anonymously using the form below, which will also only be received by the Chair of the Audit Committee.

Anonymous reporting can make it difficult for allegations to be fully and adequately investigated, so although we understand that reporting anonymously may provide more confidence and stating your name is not a required field, we would still encourage you to include your name on the form below if you can.

Your concern will be taken seriously and dealt with or escalated, involving the Safeguarding Committee and/or Senior Management Team and/or the Board of Trustees as is appropriate.  If you choose to report anonymously, we will not be able to let you know the outcome of our process but please rest assured that appropriate action will be taken.

If you have a more general complaint that is not about bullying, discrimination or inappropriate behaviour, please refer to our complaints procedure.

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