Please note that the National Centre will be closed to all users from Saturday 7 August for our annual maintenance period. We will reopen on Tuesday 31 August.

Open Training


Circus artists can apply to become an Open Training Member in order to access our facilities for independent training. Membership is primarily intended for professional artists. More information about the application process can be found here.

Covid Update

Following the change to Government guidance around COVID restrictions, we will be slowly transitioning back to a pre-COVID system for Open Training.

Whilst restriction have change, we still expect all users of the building to be respectful to the COVID policies that the National Circus is retaining.

These include:

You will still need to complete this health questionnaire before coming in to train.
Wear a face covering when in any communal areas (Unless exempt for health reasons)
Maintain social distancing when moving about the building and when training.
Wash or sanitise your hands on entry, before handling lifting systems and during your time in the building.
Do not touch any NCCA equipment without permission. Except for mats and lifting systems, most other equipment is off limits.

Partner Training
You do not need to let us know when you are training in pairs/groups, it will be your responsibility to deem whether it is safe for you to train together.

Store personal equipment safely
You may store equipment in the members’ Store. Sanitise your hands before entering, and avoid touching other people’s equipment wherever possible. Please cover/bag your equipment, don’t leave it exposed.
Clean your mat(s) and lifting systems at the end of your session.
Use the products provided and following the instructions on the signage. Clean the floor if handled a lot (such as for handstands) and any communal equipment used.
Inform NCCA if you test positive for COVID-19.
Please let us know if you test positive having been in the building during the 48 hours preceding your positive test result or onset of symptoms (whichever was first).
Booking Open Training


Equipment can be stored in the Acro Studio until the 6th August, after this date we need all equipment removed from NCCA to allow for cleaning.

From Monday 26th July, we will return to a pre-COVID programme where members can train without an advance booking.

We will no longer be limiting capacity on each space or putting a break between each session to allow for ventilation or cleaning.

Members should still distance from other users as much as possible. Try to use spaces that aren’t as busy and put enough distance between one another when training.