Code of Conduct

The National Centre for Circus Arts aims to provide a well-maintained environment that all users and staff members find safe and enjoyable to use and where goals can be effectively achieved. All users are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

Please show consideration and respect for all staff members, users, students and visitors and for the environment in which we all work, train and study.

All users must behave responsibly at all times. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and may lead to disciplinary action as outlined below.

All National Centre users are asked to take responsibility for the cleanliness, tidiness and care of the equipment and studio spaces, changing rooms and other facilities.

Please always report any concerns that may arise about the safety of teaching, equipment or facilities to a member of staff. Feedback will help us to improve and identify priority areas for development. Please ensure any urgent issues are reported immediately to a duty manager.

Discrimination towards users or staff members will not be tolerated and may lead to disciplinary action as outlined below.

If you are subject to, or witness, any bullying or discriminatory behaviour at National Centre, please report it to any member of staff, either verbally or via email. For more details see our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion page.

Prior to participation in any activity any user who has a medical condition or injury must inform their class teacher or another member of staff. The National Centre reserves the right to refuse users entry to a class if it is believed that they are not in an appropriate physical condition to participate.

All users on any programme must be registered, have paid any fees due and signed in prior to the start of any activity. Unauthorised activity may lead to disciplinary action as outlined below.

All users are required to comply with the Latecomer Policy and to participate in a suitable warm up prior to any course or class.

Where instructed, users must utilise any personal protective equipment issued or provided by National Centre staff.

Please ensure suitable clothing is worn for all classes. In general this means clean, close fitting training clothes. All jewellery, facial and body piercings must be removed prior to training.

Generally, contact lenses are preferable to glasses when training. Outdoor shoes should not be worn on any equipment or during any activity.

Practice at the National Centre is only available outside of formal classes and courses when an individual is an authorised practice time member of the programme they are affiliated to.

Users must report all accidents, regardless of their severity, to a member of staff, teacher or duty manager immediately.

Users must report any loss of blood or bodily fluid while training to a member of staff immediately. The National Centre takes its responsibilities regarding blood-borne viruses very seriously.

The National Centre takes its responsibility for ensuring all young or vulnerable users are kept safe very seriously and has a comprehensive safeguarding policy with which all staff are required to comply.

All equipment can only be used following an induction process.

Any equipment used must be put away in its proper place after use.


Smoking is forbidden in all parts of the National Centre premises, including the Courtyard. The use of any illegal drugs or substances will lead to disciplinary action as outlined below resulting in immediate exclusion.

Food and drink must only be consumed in areas of the building that are designated for that purpose. Only water in a sealable container may be taken into any training space.

Mobile phones are not be used in any training spaces. Recording equipment including, but not limited to, cameras and video recorders must not be used in the National Centre without prior permission.

Disciplinary matters

Users are required to behave in a manner consistent with the Code of Conduct laid out above. Where a breach occurs the duty manager or senior member of staff on duty reserves the right to:

Issue an immediate warning either verbal or in writing.

Immediately suspend the user from the building on a temporary basis.

Following any such action a written report will be submitted to the Senior Management Team where a decision on what, if any, further action may be taken will be made.

Disciplinary matters relating to National Centre HE students or staff members will be dealt with in accordance with existing disciplinary policies detailed in the student and staff handbooks respectively.

In the case of users who are not National Centre HE students or staff members, either a permanent or an extended period of exclusion may be invoked.

Any incident which could be a possible criminal offence will be reported to the police authorities.

Any appeal against such disciplinary action should be lodged in writing to the Chief Executives within 21 days when the CEO along with the Chair of the Board will form a panel to discuss and investigate the appeal. A response will be made within 21 days of the receipt of an appeal. The decision of the panel is final.

Babies, Children and Young People at the National Centre

Please note that other than children or young people attending classes on our youth programme, or other designated activity, babies, children and young people under the age of fourteen may not enter the training spaces at any time other than for ticketed performances.

Children under the age of eight must be supervised by an adult at all times. They may wait for a parent who is taking or teaching a class in reception with a parent or carer.

Young people aged eight or over may wait for their parents in reception unsupervised but must behave appropriately as the reception area is the office space for the customer services team. If unacceptable behaviour is noted the parent will be located and asked to leave their class. The young person may be asked to leave and could be banned from waiting unaccompanied in the future.

Staff may require proof of age if they are in any doubt about a young person waiting in reception alone.

This policy is to ensure the safety of children and young people in our building as well as the safety of class participants who may be distracted during a class or practice session.

Please note that additional codes of conduct may apply to specific activities, in particular to students on the Higher Education programme, so please see specific areas of the website for more information.