An acrobatic performance in the air where the audience can marvel at the beauty, the grace and the strength of the artists suspended from the ceiling on equipment such as rope, silks, straps, aerial hoop, trapeze and unconventional circus apparatus.


A performance where the strength, the dynamic and balance is at the core of the piece by pushing the human body to its limits, whether it is through hand balancing, acro-balance, acro-dance, Chinese pole, Cyr Wheel or teeterboard.


The balance, the elegance and skilful play with the risk of falling will mix in a performance that will take your breath away, whether it will be on tightwire, unicycle, trick balance. Or we will entertain your guests with a colourful and joyous stilt walk about.


A ground floor-based performance that focuses on the manipulation of objects from the most usual juggling objects like balls, clubs, hula hoops, contact juggling and gentleman jugglingto unusual objects such as cube, hats and everyday life objects.

Additional Skills

We can support your event with:

– Comparing; a performer will host your audience and guide them through the performances

– Circus Consultancy; expert circus artists will support the creative process with choreography and directing

– Rigging Consultancy; we can provide technical and safety advice for the rigging of usual and unusual circus apparatus.

– Circus Coaching; highly qualified circus teachers will support the learning of circus disciplines for new productions.

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