FD2 Degree Devised Performances 2023

Thurs 30 March – Fri 31 March

Group A's Devised performance

Group A’s Devised performance will take place at 2.30pm on Thursday and 5.00pm Friday.

Cast List A for 2.30 show on Thursday & 5.00 show on Friday

Jack Brooke, Kas Mulinge, Christian Carr, Georgina Lance, Harry Latham, Ellen James, Laura Hogg, Alex Ansari, Helga Ehrenbusch  & Dilly Taylor, Becky Robins, Erin Williams, Phoebe Bryan

Jack Brooke

The Dive-inema

My piece is a montage of famous movies mashed up into one, I’ve taken films with iconic scenes or theme tunes and transformed the scenes and characters into a hoopdiving act. I wanted to take films that everyone would recognise straight away be it from a certain prop, look, song or style so that when the audience is watching they can see all the different movie characters come to life instantly and jump right into the world of each movie before it jumps to the next. The aim of my piece is to capture the nostalgia of watching the films for the first time as they are all such iconic films to me.

Jack is a second year studying at NCCA. Before coming to NCCA, Jack trained as an acrobatic gymnast for 17 years. 

Majors in Hoop Diving

Instagram: @jacky_boi077

Kasyema Mulinge


Within dreams I find peace. As soon as my head hits the pillow the lingering pain begins to fade as I drift to a place where my bleak reality ceases to exist. I can forget for a few brief hours that they’re no longer a part of my waking existence. Everything is as it used to be; they look so beautiful here, where the sun is always shining. So beautiful that I nearly forget that this is all a figment of my subconscious imagination. My mind playing tricks on me. It all comes flooding back as my eyes start to flutter open with the dawn. It floods back like waves crashing against rocks, threatening to drag me under.

Kasyema has trained with us for 2 years, prior to this training in various circus arts with Dusol school of acrobatics.

Trained in Aerial Lyra and contortion.

Instagram: @kasyemacircus



Christian Carr

My piece is about the devastation (perceived or actual) of addiction, or love, or the addiction to love, and learning how to grow out of it or with it.

Using the wisdom gained from my own experiences and those surrounding me, I’ve explored the feeling of living with something you cannot escape. Sometimes you can only think: “How can I get away?”. Or do I have to get away? There are also times when you fall back into a lover’s arms, or relapse so to speak. Sometimes a situation pulls you back to something you thought you’d escaped, and just maybe you have to learn to live with it.

Christian is a second year studying at NCCA. Prior to training here, Christian trained for a year at the professional circus school The Actors Gymnasium In Chicago.

Majors in Aerial Straps

Other skills include unicycle/juggling street show and they have been fire-performing for 4+ years.

Instagram: Christian_Mystic_Carr

Georgina Lance

My piece was inspired by my examination of the term Jezebel in pop culture and the historic origin of the Jezebel stereotype. I was particularly interested in how this racialised stereotype emerged from the initial biblical story of Jezebel. I found several studies by the US National Library of Medicine highlighting the Jezebel stereotype as a very harmful stereotype perpetuating the sexualisation of Black Women. I focused my piece on the individual experience of being subjugated by the church as a person accused of Jezebel Possession and how those feelings of isolation and demonisation manifest in Black women’s experiences in the arts when affected by this stereotype.

Georgina is a second year studying at NCCA. Prior to the degree, Georgina trained on the contemporary CAT. and Phoenix Dance Academy whilst also working as a company dancer for Capua company and EMC.

Trained Pole Performer and Dancer.

Instagram: georgina_circus

Harry Latham


In this piece I play the character of a futuristic AI sex robot. The creation of this character stems from my research into the commodification of female sexuality and how I feel the existence of AI sexbots is a distinct & unique manifestation of capitalist, patriarchal attitudes towards women/femininity.

I hope by playing into these ideas I can establish a satirical lens which subverts aspects of patriarchal ideology present in our society’s mainstream attitudes surrounding (trans)female sexuality, sexual objectification & Queer identity.

This piece is dedicated to all women who are on a journey to reclaim their sexuality & also to men who continue to fetishise our existence.

Angus Andrews

Discipline: Unicycle.

Ellen James

I won’t complain

Throughout my piece I will be exploring the different states of water and how they translate into movement. I have been heavily influenced by the piece of music and how this resonates with me. Over the last few months I have switched disciplines to hula hoops due to injury so I have been excited to find my own way of movement using the new apparatus to help connect more deeply with my piece; I have also decided to incorporate hair hanging into this routine.

Jules Greatholder

Discipline: Rope


Alexandra Ansari

The filth-eater inheritance

A monster is not such a terrible thing to be.

Inspired partially from the image “Saturn Devouring His Son”, by Francisco Goya, and tales of cannibalism and fillicide which are woven into our common conscious. My piece explores complications of identity and the feeling of otherness informed by generational trauma and queerness. Above all I hope this piece conveys that there is power in becoming the monster we outsiders are painted as.

Isabelle James

Discipline: Diabolo


Erin Williams


The general themes of my act are nostalgia and exploration; encountering a deep sense of understanding through the re-discovery of both my inner child and her journey of growth. The aim of my piece is share a glimpse of an inner world where sentimentality is cherished, but with an understanding of how time moves regardless of our wishes and that holding onto our innermost identities, even in an attempt to protect them, actually prevents us from growing into the best version of who we could be. While there were many sources of inspiration for this piece, my coaches and classmates played large roles in helping inspire and refine various parts of the work.

Erin is in her second year studying at NCCA. Before training here at NCCA, Erin trained and performed with Midwest Regional Ballet and is a graduate of The Actor’s Gymnasium Pro-Training Programme.

Majors in Aerial Silks

Erin is a trained dancer and multi-disciplinary artist. Erin is also currently studying & adding hair hanging to their repertoire.

Instagram: @flipping_through_the_erin

Becky Robins


This piece explores how our experiences make us who we are, how you carry the lessons, the hurt and pain but also the love and laughs and how they make you who you are. But also looks at how these experiences can build us up and make us stronger but also tear us down and restrict us. I really liked the idea of always being connected to the things that happen in your life and how the people you meet all effect in you in different ways, be it good or bad.


Becky is in her second year at NCCA and previously trained in Acrobatic Gymnastics for 5 years and Aerial Hoop for 4 years.

Majors in Hand Balancing

Instagram: beckycirque

Phoebe Bryan


The piece examines our cultural obsession with adrenalin fuelled human endurance, representing a craving for release through sport, towards the out of body. It focuses on breath, contrasting the out of control exhalation sensation and shock of entering very cold water, with the beauty and breath control of synchronized swimming. Drawing on the stunning fluidity of movement in Aisling Ní Cheallaigh’s work, it asks questions about overcoming our minds and finding another plane of expressive movement there. I thank my coach Alexander Dobrynin for his fantastic stimulation to examine limits and Antigone Exton-White and Martha Harrison for supporting the mind.

Phoebe has trained with us for 2 years, following a diploma at Circomedia.

Majors in Aerial Straps

Instagram: circus__p

Dilly Taylor & Helga Ehrenbusch


Our piece explores the world of sisterhood, through the games we play and the boundaries crossed and made, intertwining the joys and mess involved within this relationship. We want to connect with the audience and for them to relate to our piece through their own experiences and emotions within relationships. We started looking at the word ‘reliance’ and what that meant to us, asking questions, and throwing ourselves within the word and its meanings. The nature of our partner work uncovered a sisterlike dynamic between us which developed organically and led us to an exploration of sisterhood. Our inspiration came from our own personal experiences of sibling relationships, as well as from our amazing teachers Arielle, Louis and Fiona who helped bring out our playfulness and push our acrobatic abilities. 

Dilly started doing recreational gymnastics at a young age and found circus through The Circus House in Manchester doing Youth Circus once a week. Dilly became a circus CAT student in 2016 and now is in her second year here at NCCA.

Majors in Acro Dance


Helga is a second year training and studying at NCCA. Helga trained 13 years at OMAtsirkus and a year before coming to London, Helga performed with the Estonian Dance Agency Company. They have competed internationally for the Estonian National Team of Acrobatic Gymnastics.

Majors in Acro Dance

Other skills: H2H Base and a multidisciplinary circus artist.

Instagram: @helga_eh

Ash Meyer


The intention of this piece is to pose the question “who are you behind the character you present?”.

My aim is to examine, not only, who a performer is behind their “onstage” persona, but also who an individual is behind the persona people become everyday. Using Kae Tempest’s book “On Connection” as a resource, I will focus on themes of separation, numbness, balance, and interconnection to show an individual’s struggle with who they are and what they value. My desire with this piece is to have the audience questioning when they are their most authentic self and whether that person has ever been shared with another.

Ash is in their second year at NCCA. Prior to training at the National Centre, Ash began recreationally training circus in 2017, mainly focusing on solo and duo trapeze, aerial hoop, and cyr wheel. Ash attended Circadium school of Contemporary Circus in 2019 for 2 years. There they focused on contortion, hand balancing, juggling, and dance acro. Since attending NCCA, Ash’s discipline has been cyr wheel, taking a hobby of theirs and creating a deeper love of the skill, but they will always be a generalist at heart.

Majors in Cyr Wheel




Group B’s Devised performance will take place at 5.00pm on Thursday and 2.30pm Friday.

Cast List for 5.00 show on Thursday & 2.30 show on Friday

Micah Wagner, Madeleine Fuller, Ebony Gumbs, Adam Havsky, Judit Feher, Tess Stockwell, Niamh Taylor, Nora Linjawy, Sophie Stinchon, Ash Meyer, Travis Rabarijao

Micah Wagner

Gray is something special
Gray hasn’t been honest
Gray isn’t a coward
Gray wants your attention
Gray contains artificial sweeteners and can count to six in spanish
Gray is lying
Gray doesn’t know spanish
Gray isn’t a coward
Gray isn’t a coward
Gray wants your attention
Look at Gray dance

Micah has been Training at NCCA for the past two years. Starting circus training in 2019, Micah got their start as a dancer and stage performer. A street dancer, musician, and thespian, Micah aims to use the combustive medium of circus to tell interesting and important stories. Starting the Major of Chinese pole four months ago, Micah’s circus background is in Adagio, Acrobatics/Acro-dance and Partner Acrobatics.

Majors in Chinese Pole.

Instagram: @meeksssa

Madeleine Fuller

The Eternal Climb

This act is inspired by the Greek myth of Sisyphus. Sisyphus was doomed to the eternal task of pushing a huge boulder up a mountain, just as it seemed like the boulder would reach the top, it would roll back down again forcing him to follow it down and start again. I have translated this onto aerial rope in order to explore the cyclical nature of the myth as well as attempting to identify with the relentless and burdensome efforts.

Madeleine is in her second year studying at NCCA. Before joining the course, Madeleine completed a BTEC in Performing Arts and Circus at Circus Central in Newcastle.

Majors in Aerial Rope

Instagram: @madeleinecircus

Ebony Gumbs

Growing in Circles

The main theme of my piece is growth. The inspiration came from images of unique roots of trees which have grown in an abnormal way due to restrictions they face during the process of growing. Being intrigued by this, I linked it to the mental and physical growth of humans. I aim to highlight that the struggles we go through in life is what is helping us grow, as nature will still take its course. Similar to the trees, no two tree roots will look the same however they all have the same aim of growing up towards the sun.

Discipline: Acro & Juggling


Adam Havsky



Stairs Stairs

Stairs Stairs Stairs

Stairs Stairs Stairs Stairs

Stairs Stairs Stairs Stairs Stairs

Stairs Stairs Stairs Stairs Stairs Stairs

Sophie Greatholder

Discipline: Unicycle


Judit Feher


In this act I’m exploring what it means to feel home. Is it a place, loved ones or your cat that makes you feel at home? I moved to the UK from Hungary when I was a child, so I have very complex feelings about where I feel home and what makes me feel home. I am experimenting with space and hand balancing in my act. During my creation process, I took inspiration from Hungarian company Recirquel’s show “My Land”, where  circus is used to tell stories of the performer’s heritage.

Judit is in her second year studying at NCCA. Before joining, Judit self-trained in hand balancing and at Acapa in the Netherlands.

Majors in Hand Balancing

Instagram: @judit.circus

Tessa Stockwell


My piece is inspired by the robot art installation ‘Can’t Help Myself’ by San Yuan and Peng Yu. I was really inspired by the minimalism of the artwork despite its dark underlying message. I am aiming to explore the feeling of having an audience observe you passively as you lose strength and become more desperate, as well as incorporating some of the robot’s systematic motions and pivotal movement. I was especially interested in more functional movement when creating this piece, including repeated motifs with similar wraps, as well as a lot of knot tying and different ways that knots are a possibility.

Tessa is in her second year studying at NCCA. Before starting at NCCA, Tessa completed a Level 3 BTEC with Circus Central in Newcastle.

Majors in Rope

Other circus skills include a variety of aerial disciplines, including silks and has also competed as a gymnast.

Instagram: @aerial.tess

Niamh Taylor


The initial idea for my piece stemmed from the Japanese pictorial maxim, the 4 wise monkeys and how these together embody the principle of: see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil & do no evil. I explore how in the western world we interpret this as a blissful ignorance. I was inspired by the world around us and how in this day and age there is so much injustice, which to many does not affect them directly, therefore the majority choose to turn a blind eye. But many things can only be ignored for so long before they will begin to have a direct impact on our previously unaffected lives. I aim to highlight this ignorance we choose as a society to overlook, and make the audience rethink how they react to situations. Can this blissful ignorance truly last forever or is it simply a temporary happiness?

Niamh is in her second year studying at NCCA. Before coming here, although having no circus experience, Niamh was a high level artistic gymnast for over 15 years, providing her with acrobatic and dance experience.

Majors in Aerial Straps

Instagram: @niamhtcircus

Nora Linjawy


The theme of the piece is ‘Tech nostalgia’ and the clinging on to the old and familiar.

The piece is centred around my character, a laid back yet stubborn person, wanting nothing more but to laze around on a Sunday morning and listen to music on their old and outdated radio but they kept getting interrupted by the radio not functioning properly.

I aim to explore the piece through the lens of comedy and create a gradual build up of frustration and moments of hilarity as the character is trying all they can to fix their outdated radio. My creative process involved playing around with lots of different audios and sounds as a starting point for my comedy.

I took great inspiration from my grandfather to help develop my character and from clowns like John Gilkey and Fraser Hooper who have worked with sound as a starting point for their comedy.

Nora is in her second year studying at NCCA. 

Majors in Hand Balancing

Instagram: @Nora_lin7

Sophie Stinchon


Throughout the creation of my piece I explored the idea of how objects move in zero gravity. By using the prompt of weightlessness I aimed to explore this physically and play with how this feeling would resonate with me personally. In this piece I aim to encapsulate the freedom of movement given by the lack of gravity as well as the opportunities given regarding rotating axes. I newly specialised in aerial rope this year and have enjoyed seeing what I can create with this equipment and how I can transfer movement from floor to the rope.

Sophie is in her second year studying at NCCA. Sophie has a background in acrobatic gymnastics as a main trio base.

Majors in Aerial Rope.

Instagram: @sophie.pcs

Laura Hogg


My piece is inspired by the loss of my Grandad, who opened my eyes to many passions that I have cherished over the years. My aim is to reach out and encourage the audience to shed light on the happy memories they shared with someone they have lost. Yes emotions such as sadness and hope will be displayed but life goes on, in my eyes I like to celebrate my Grandad’s life and the great things he did. This has helped me grow as a person and I find joy knowing that others could benefit from focusing on the positives rather than the negatives.

Laura has been training with NCCA for a yeah and a half. Prior to this, Laura completed a four year drama and dance degree. Laura is also self taught in hula hooping and silk fan dance which she continues continues to pursue. 

Majors in Cyr Wheel

Instagram: @laura_hulahoops


Travis Rabarjaona


If your heart recognized
how much distress Fate has in store for you
before you reach your homeland, you’d stay here
and keep this home with me. You’d never die.
If you only knew, down deep, what pains
are fated to fill your cup before you reach home,
you’d stay right here, preside in our house with me
and be immortal.
all the adversity you face at sea. you would stay here, and guard this house, and be immortal…
Mix in the magic work of love—
we’ll breed deep trust between us.

Travis is a second year studying at NCCA. Prior to this, Travis trained on the Circus CAT scheme at The Circus House CIC.

Majors in Juggling

Instagram: @travlikesballs


Stage Manager – Laura Betty Haynes
Rigging – Matt Burch
Lighting – Sunni Jolly

Thanks to Steve Ryan.

National Centre Staff

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