FD2 Devised Performances 2024

  • Date

    Wednesday 27 March - Thursday 28 March

  • Time

    2pm & 4.30pm

The National Centre for Circus Arts presents its FD2 Devised Performances for 2024.

Cast A

Tomas Briones Rojas, Parker Calvert , Alice Collins, Drew Feely, Becca Inel, Madeleine Margot, Tula Martindale , Em Moon Pechey, Lucy Potter, Chrys Shipley, Clementine Tonkin Wells, Grace Tonkin Wells, Katie Williamson

Cast B

Ellie Beale, Amelia Bridgwater, Oskar Brightman, Ruby Buchanan, Rosie Carr, Xélia Froidevaux, Jonathan Goh, Freya Lindeck, Willow Saville-Hippely, Alfie Sherwood, Emma van Buuren, Daria Zubilewicz

Company Stage Manager: Carmela Birch
Production Manager: Ben Harris
Rigging: Matt Burch
Lighting: Sunni Jolly
Sound: Dani Mearns

A big thank you to the staff and teachers of the National Centre.

Photos: Mark Morreau

Many of our international students often face limits to the amount of time they can work to support themselves whilst studying in the UK and cannot access additional funding for their studies from their home countries. The National Centre works with a number of funders to try and alleviate some of these challenges and often students will also undertake their own fundraising efforts.

Tonight you’ve seen one of these students perform – please see here for further details of their crowdfunding campaign. You can also donate to support all of the National Centre’s work with young people across our programmes here.

Cast A

Madeleine Margot

The Human Flag is Harder in Heels | Chinese pole

Content warning: partial nudity 

This act reformats Chinese Pole, Pole Dance and Burlesque techniques and clothing to highlight the stigma attached to provocative performance. 

Burlesque styles are used in many modern circus acts whilst Burlesque itself often remains stigmatised, seen as less-skilled than other acts.  Pole Dance came from Strippers, yet Chinese Pole and other Eastern acrobatics are frequently miscredited as the origin. This is part of an attempt to distance Pole Dance from stripping to ‘legitimise’ it as a sport. Pole Dance and Chinese Pole are equal in their artistry and acrobatic feats: their roots should be praised instead of silenced.  

Becca Inel

Stone Blind | Rope

My inspiration for this piece comes from the story of Medusa. She may not be the monster she first appears to be.  

In ‘Stone Blind’ by Natalie Haynes, Medusa is originally a beautiful girl who is cursed by Athena to have snakes for hair as a punishment for being violated by Poseidon in her temple.

This act explores the idea that Medusa’s rage may in fact have been justified and how contradictory feelings of fear, shame and anger can coexist after an event leaves you changed against your will.

Emma Moon Pechey & Lucy Potter

Destructively Feminine | Hand to hand

Taking a retrospective journey on what it means to be a woman in society. Through the lens of the 1950’s and the modern day. Lucy&Moon explore the patriarchy and feminine expectations. Building on their own perspectives of womanhood.

Kate Williamson

Katie from Kansas | Dance trapeze

This town ain’t big enough for the both of us. Katie from Kansas is a cowgirl headed back to the Wild West in search of revenge that she’s sure to grab. Inspired by her American roots and a curiosity surrounding the representation disparities between women and men in Western Spaghetti film, Katie from Kansas will stop at nothing to make sure her skills shine through. Giddy up.

Alice Collins

Wonder | Tissue

I delve into the essence of childhood, highlighting the joy of uninhibited play and the boundless curiosity that ignites the imagination. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences and cultural influences, I aim to evoke feelings of warmth and happiness, resonating with my own memories of simpler times. By embracing playfulness and creativity, I invite viewers to reflect on a time of innocence and wonder and the enduring impact of nostalgia.   

Drew Feely

The Process | Hand balance 

How do you define the objective of the piece for you and your character but also for your audience? 

How will you demonstrate the iterative and reflective nature of the theme 

Is there an internal narrative or an arc for the piece? 

… The Creative


Chrys Shipley

Ascent into Chaos | Rope

When I finally let go, let chaos take me under. Let the unknown swallow me whole, my lungs expand again. I can go past all the boundaries, that told me this is the only path for you. I am free to move with nothing pressed into me. 

Join Chrys Shipley in exploring how chaos frees and precision constricts in this dynamic and expressive rope act. 

Clementine & Grace Tonkin Wells

Y Tylwyth Teg | Doubles and dance trapeze

When you pass through the woodland of yew trees, there’s bottomless waterfall where the Tylwyth Teg inhabit. Go ahead, don’t be deceived, beware the dancing place of the fairies.  

Annwn (The underworld) is a twilight zone, a universe filled with illusion, not made to make sense. Poised turns into possessed as the Tylwyth’s real identity shows through their changeling appearance. 

Inspired by the folktales, that are woven into the Welsh landscape, the veil between myth and reality wears thin; you might even see double. 

Tomas Briones Rojas


Parker Calvert

Moment Alone | Rope

This piece is meant to show the moment where you leave everything and everyone to have a moment alone. I want to take away the mask that we put on when everyone is around and show that by taking a moment to yourself it can help you learn who you are. For this project I want the audience to develop a connection with the performance and therefore they can see and think about the person we are without the mask. 

Tula Alred

Playful Pathways | Hula hoop

Explores the routes we use in space, the pathways we walk, what memories they hold and how they shape our experiences. 

Through this research, I have found authentic playfulness through hoops and powdered chalk on stage, seeing what I can create. Whether footprints leading to a trail or fog in the woods.  

I would be interested to hear what you see. 

Cast B

Oskar Brightman

Learn outside the line | Chinese pole

In his lair the wizard seeks for answers. Trying to find meaning in shapes and maths. The more he searches for answers the more he questions his reality. Will the wizard reach enlightenment or will he go mad with knowledge?

Amelia Bridgwater

Aerial hoop

‘Self-love’ involves appreciating ones well-being, strengths, and weaknesses. These traits empower individuals to pursue goals despite challenges. I relate deeply to this topic, facing self-confidence issues, particularly in a competitive industry. Through my performance, I aim to connect with the audience, promoting the understanding of self-love’s significance. I want viewers to reflect on my emotional journey and question their views on confidence. My performance signifies embracing self-love and striving for personal growth. 


Freya Lindeck

What part of this do you not understand | Aerial straps

You know you’re right. 

You know that feeling, when you’re mid argument, and you’re explaining your point, and you’re right. But with every point you add your argument becomes more convoluted, less clear, and slowly spirals into ‘unreasonable’ nonsense. But you’re still right and they just can’t see it. 

This is that feeling. 

In a society that for so long has repressed female expressions of anger and frustration, turning the feelings into something impossible to process. I wanted to use straps to explore physicalising the twists and turns of an argument and how hard it is to get your point across while retaining sense. 

Emma van Buuren

The Warrior | Hand balance 

“Win the battle or perish, that is what l, a woman, will do.” – Boudica 

Ruby Buchanan

Bear | Rope

The circus is in town! But one of the animals looks… different.  

Our wonderful complicit audience, gather round as our never before seen aerialist bear ʕ⁠·⁠ᴥ⁠·⁠ʔ performs their best tricks for YOU!  

Disclaimer; Bear is happy and healthy 

Eleanor Beale

Ellie Think | Aerial hoop

Ellie think. Think of something good… 
Think of something good.. 

In this piece, I delve into the highs and lows of the creative process, blending my aerial and musical skills while navigating feelings of frustration, inspiration, and dedication.  

“Ellie Think” was a song I crafted specifically for this act, drawing inspiration from my movements and translating them into a musical form that complements the essence of the performance. 

Rosie Carr


In my piece, I’m depicting the harrowing experience of battling an eating disorder, drawing inspiration from my own struggles in the past with body image and unhealthy behaviours. Choosing this theme stems from my desire to shed light on this often-overlooked issue and offer hope to those suffering. Through movements and emotive gestures, I aim to convey the complexities of this disorder, emphasizing the importance of self-belief and resilience. Ultimately, my goal is to evoke empathy, promote dialogue, and inspire strength in those facing similar challenges. 

Willow Saville- Hippley

The Woods | Silk loops

“We went, the two of us into The woods behind the little school
Two went in and one came home
We didn’t go in there alone”
the woods, San Fermin 

Changed forever by a childhood incident; loss, pain, and resilience have formed Gretel into the witch she once feared 

Daria Krystyna Zubilewicz

Pandora’s box | Rope

Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame 
Jealousy is the tie that binds and binds and binds  
The gluttons dig their own graves with their teeth 
What is right as often forgotten by what is convenient  
We are really proud when we are  
Sex is the consolation you have when you can’t have love 
To greed all nature insufficient

Xélia Froidevaux

Pomme | Static trapeze

I invite you into my little bubble where I confront my memories of my grandmother’s fight against bipolar disorder which constitutes the backdrop of my performance. You’ll be able to witness the raw emotion of her journey, our journey. – the ups, downs and complex dance of acceptance, grief and tangled relationships. this accompanied by the voice of Elle Beale, music specially written for my act. 

Jonathan Goh & Alfie Sherwood

Sqft | Teeter board

RG04 SG96  

J + A = 4674 247287  

83383726273 3384733 74323  

6222 N1 6HD (51.527387,-0.082596) 27/03 – 28/03  

687 5687639  

872264728466 436874324826.  

LDN20 LDN24  

1=T,0= F  

past: 1
future: 1
present: 0
interact: 0000 connection: 0000000

without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost…