FD2 Ensemble Show: no future

The National Centre for Circus Arts presents its FD2 students’ ensemble production no future, directed by Sebastian Belmar. As a performer, choreographer and PHD researcher in the field of circus dramaturgy, Sebastian’s practice seeks to add tension to the boundaries between circus, other art forms and new medias.

Through the momentum generated by punk, no future proposes its own perspective of anarchy highlighting the cultural revolution of the of the 70’s where innovative artistic and political expressions were given a fresh injection of energy.

Join us to experience this exciting collaboration between Sebastian and our talented FD2 students.

From the Director:

in 1976 the song anarchy in the uk by the sex pistols was released in london. this event became the starting point of the punk cultural revolution with radical ideas, still present in the socio-political and artistic field.

no future passes through the punk momentum to present a perspective of an anarchic manifesto questioning three main forces: state, religion and capitalism. anarchic identity presents ideals and the practice of an attitude towards the expansion of human liberty revealing individualism and the awareness of the impact of our actions on a collective level. this concept translates into our acrobatic process expressed through a culture of rebellion and insurrection. the rejection of: docile, straight and conformed bodies. we play with the principles of inversion, deformation, curvature, an apparent unbalance where disorder shifts into (new) possible order.

Special thanks to AB Lighting for their generous support.

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Important information
no future
has a strict no late comers policy, please arrive for a start time of 7.30pm or 2.30pm for matinees. no future contains loud music, flashing lights, and explicit music.


National Centre for Circus Arts

Performance Dates

Thursday 27 June, 6.30pm

Friday 28 June, 6.30pm

Saturday 29 June. 6.30pm