Casting for Circus Artist and Comedy/ Comic/ Clown/ Funny Person

Three Legged Race Productions are looking for artists for a run of their show Sophie’s Surprise 29th in London.

Circus Artist

No aerial hoop, rope, hand to hand, skating or straps. Anything else is fair game. Other than that, we are interested in any and all disciplines we don’t already have. Ideally this artist brings two acts, but exceptions can be made if you’re an absolutely-shit-hot-one-trick-pony. Please not both aerial acts.

Comedy/Comic /Clown/Funny Person

Looking for a comedy act. What this looks like exactly is up to you. Maybe it’s stand up, maybe it’s nonverbal clowning, maybe it’s PowerPoint presentations. Ideally this artist brings two acts to the show, roughly 4-10 minutes each (but we won’t cut you off if it’s hilarious).

Particularly interested in hearing from street performers interested in adapting their work for indoor cabaret.

Sophie’s Surprise 29th, the Edinburgh Fringe 2023 smash hit, is coming to London! 

Sophie’s Surprise 29th is an immersive comedy & cabaret show based around – you guessed it – a surprise birthday party for our titular character; Sophie. Using pop culture tropes, dubious satire and high level circus skills, Sophie’s Surprise 29th is a show as clever as it is stupid, and as technically skilful and choreographed as it is improvised and thrown together.

We welcome applications from any gender, nationality, race or sexuality. We are heavily interested in artists who are confident speaking on stage, improvising, interacting with the audience and working as part of a team. Your character in the show will be dependent on who you are as a person and what your interests & strengths are – we are not trying to fit you into the mold of someone else. Must be based in or easily able to travel to London, as we are not able to contribute to housing, relocation or travel costs at this time.

We are a company run and organised by artists, and as such, we value our artists highly which is reflected in the show fee.

For more details or to apply, please email