Fabric Arts Meeting

We are really excited about the Fabric Arts Meeting taking place at NECCA July 21-23.  Modelled after the super popular Rope Meetings that have taken place in Spain and Vermont, this is an opportunity for you to learn, share, build community and have fun with other fabric and sling/hammock artists.

The three days event includes lots of open training time, a “Works in Progress Showing”, improv sessions, mini workshops, social events and more.  The workshop is aimed at folks who are comfortable in the air, training without a coach, and have the stamina for a multi days event.  This generally means you are training at a high intermediate level or above, including professional aerialists, and are over the age of 18 yrs.  Not sure if it’s right for you?  Just email us at esmith@necenterforcircusarts.org and we are happy to help.  And if you are a teacher who is mentoring new / younger aerialists you are welcome to request permission for them to join in as well.

Registration is open HERE, and the mini workshops are listed HERE.  We are attaching a flyer as well.  If you have a studio where you can post the flyer (it’s black and white so it’s easy to print) we’d really appreciate it.