Last minute aerialist for part in a TV show

Stella Nwimo is looking for a white male performer, with aerials skills, between 25-40 years old for a television show in which they create a person spiralling down from high. They will be fully wired up (harnessed) so that the fall is quite spectacular. When they fall, their head will be approximately 7 feet from the ground.

Ideally looking for someone that may have done a film or TV show before so understands that world too, though not essential. They need them to be a Supporting Artist in a number of scenes prior, depicting a member of an Eastern European Bradford gang, and then fall from above in the final scenes of the episode.

The dates are 4th, 6th March and 19th March 2024.

They will be shooting these scenes in a location in Bradford. They would need the person to be able to travel to Bradford for 1x day next week so that they can rehearse with the wire team, stunt arranger and any technical support.

It will be 3x full, 10 hour days in Bradford.  They can pay travel and transport to and from Bradford and hotel accommodation if overnights are required.  The 10x hour shooting days often start from 7am. So they are long days.

They wouldn’t have the Aerialist on the harness for the full 10 hours, maybe approximately 10-15 minute intervals.

Fees: They mentioned a low fee of approximately £150 per day for the 4th and 6th and anyone interested should negotiate a fee for the bespoke performance.

Please contact Stella directly: