New Artists for Cirque Le Roux

Cirque Le Roux is looking for new artists from all walks of life to join the team for a new project!

Cirque Le Roux is a French circus company, steeped in a cinematic and meticulously dramatic aesthetic. Its high-flying shows are rich in tragicomic and dreamlike atmospheres. In 2015, the company created The Elephant in the Room, an exhilarating and delightfully retro comedy that has been performed over 500 times worldwide. In 2019, Cirque Le Roux created a new show in keeping with their “cinema-circus” aesthetic, La Nuit du Cerf, nominated for the 2020 Molière for best visual creation.

Schedule: creation spring/summer 2023 and shows September-December 2023, with the possibility of a longer run in the 2023-2024 season.

We want to open our horizons, so please send us your CV and videos to our email address

We will contact you for possible audition dates!