Bricks and Mortar Programme

A Warm Welcome

Welcome to our BA Devised Performances 2024!

We hope you enjoy this showcase of our  BA students’ devised performances culminating their hard work and dedication over the last three years.

Tonight’s performance will be opened by our Foundation Degree Year 1 students in their ensemble. Directed by Myles MacDonald.



FD1 Ensemble: Mortar

“Mortar” a binding element that fuses separate objects amalgamating them into one. The first year degree students are interlocking the transitions for the BA Devised pieces and performing their ensemble creation. This work has developed by exploring how sculptural forms can be organically constructed – and the limitations of what can be done with bricks – following the process and work of British sculptor Andy Goldsworthy.


We are Becky and Helga.

This piece is us.
This is our 3 year rollercoaster.
This is us saying goodbye.

Goodbye to each other, Goodbye to you, Goodbye to Circus Space.



Becky Robins & Helga Ehrenbusch

Discipline: Hand to Hand

Other Skills: Hand-balancing (Becky) and acro dance (Helga)

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Space Junk

Drawing inspiration from The Clangers, this piece follows the trajectory of a forgotten hunk of space junk and it’s fall back to Earth. Who can say where some of this expensive rubbish may ultimately arrive, as it hurdles aimlessly through the universe.

Ash Meyer

Discipline: Cyr Wheel

Other Skills: Trapeze, acrobatics

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Get ready for the HIIT workout of your life! This bootycamp is packed to the brim with all the tools to get you trim. This is no slow and steady walk in the park, with power and intensity throughout, a sassy cardio workout, that will be sure to build you into an aerobic ace. Niamh takes you through all the dumbbell dynamics, core crushers and booty blasts that will get you sculpted to the core. Packing a powerful punch, combining aerial aerobics, acrobatic strength and a side of splits, transforming you into the complete athlete. This class could finally be your match, so don’t be surprised if your arms and legs are still shaking hours later…

Niamh Taylor

Discipline: Aerial Straps

Other Skills: Acrobatics, trampoline & tumbling, hand balancing, general aerial skills, duo straps and gymnastics.

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Right in Two

Feeling stuck and divided. What pushes you to the limit to break out?
Come along to an exploration of upside down space.

Judit Feher

Discipline: Hand Balancing

Other Skills: Contortion

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Cosmic Wonderer

A space Princess living in the universe decides to travel on her Starlight galactic voyager to explore planet mars. She does not feel comfortable here so gets lifted over to planet Earth where she quickly feels a sense of belonging and absolutely loves it!

Ebony Gumbs

Discipline: Aerial Hoop

Other Skills: Aerialist, acrobat, dancer, tumbler

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Fallen Angel

I am the face
Of love’s rage

Blessed be the Daughters of Cain
Bound to suffering eternal through the sins of their fathers committed long before their conception
Blessed be their whore mothers
Tired and angry, waiting with bated breath in a ferry that will never move again
Blessed be the children
Each and every one come to know their god through some senseless act of violence
Blessed be you, girl
Promised to me by a man who can only feel hatred and contempt towards you

I am not good nor evil, simply I am
And I have come to take what is mine
I was there in the dark when you spilled your first blood
I am here now, as you run from me still
Run then, child
You can’t hide from me forever

Lola Latham

Discipline: Flying Pole

Other Skills: Hand balance, aerial hoop, acrobatics, hand-to-hand, contortion, dance

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The Overstory

This piece explores an innate connection between women and trees, with inspiration stemming from women who have died to protect trees, or have ‘married’ trees to protect them, and further inspired by a photography collection named ‘Women in Trees’. Research branched into themes of mutual protection. We will be outlived by trees but our history is knotted together.

With so many thanks to all coaches at National Centre for Circus Arts, especially to Will Davis and Leo Hedman for inspiration and encouragement.

Tessa Stockwell
Discipline: Rope

Other Skills: Silks, acro, doubles trapeze, handbalance and partner acro

We’re going on a bear hunt

We’re going on a bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one, what a beautiful day, we’re not scared, Uh-oh looks like Jack didn’t realise he was the star of this show, well he can’t go over it! And he can’t go under it! Looks like he’s gonna have to go through it! Dive into this nostalgic and beloved children’s story with Jack and follow him as he learns to conquer his fears let’s just hope that he manages to listen to the narrator and stay on track! After all bear hunts are all fun and games until you find the bear.

Jack Brooker

Discipline: Hoop Diving

Other Skills: Clowning acrodance, acrobatics, hand to hand and hand balancing

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Meet Norman

Adam couldn’t make it today so Norman will be performing in his stead. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience we hope you enjoy.

Adam Havsky

Discipline: Aerial Straps

Other Skills: Acrobatics, tumbling, juggling

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Ellen is a high-energy 22 year old hula hoop performer. In her piece she combines dance, manipulation and traditional hula hoop styles to create a fun and exciting piece.

Ellen James

Discipline: Hula Hoops

Other Skills: LED hula hoops, general aerialist, dancer, hair hanging and duo straps

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A Sunken Sleep

Bound by an enchanting spell, a woman becomes entranced by the bewitching call of a siren, her willpower dissolving as she is drawn underwater. In the depths of the ancient sea, her struggle for survival becomes a haunting dance on the pole, a slender lifeline in an overwhelming current. Her ascent is a dance of life and death, each movement a plea for salvation. But the siren, relentless and ruthless, drags her to the ocean’s dark embrace. As the performance unfolds, the lines between the woman and the siren blur, leaving the audience questioning who truly emerges from the depths. Witness a haunting performance that echoes the eerie myths of old, where enchantment and dread collide.

Georgina Lance

Discipline: Aerial pole

Other Skills: Hair hanging, Chinese pole, shinny pole, contemporary dancer, tap dance, aerial generalist, multiskilled fire performer and stilt walker. She has been known to juggle

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Pure Bliss

Slipping into your favourite pyjamas
Laying in bed all cozy
Eyes relaxed ready for many dreams
Eating a little bedtime snack
Pillow so fluffy like a cloud


Sipping on cold tea
Lumpy mattress
Eyes that won’t rest
Eating cheese = weird dreams
Pillow rock solid

Laura Hogg

Discipline: Cyr Wheel

Other Skills: Multi hula hooping and acro

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Fine Line Air Time

The grass is always cleaner; the air is always greener.

Phoebe Feord

Discipline: Aerial Straps

Other skills: Hula hoop, acrobatics, duo aerial straps

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The Boy and The Fish

Once upon a time there was a boy with a fish on his head. Whether this was a practicality or for companionship, no one was quite sure.

Madeleine Fuller

Discipline: Rope

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OMG, I AM ON THE MOON! I’ve been dreaming of this day my entire life. After years of intensive training to become an astronaut, I am finally here on the moon! But I have been sent to the moon to complete an important mission. My mission is to… wait, did I mention that I am on the flippin’ MOON? It’s so cool here! The gravity is wild and… wait, what was I saying before? Oh yeah, the mission…

Nora Linjawy

Discipline: Hand Balance

Other Skills: Contortion, clowning

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This act explores the passage of time through reliving past memories. Many of us find ourselves using music as a way to reconnect with past experiences and think of those we love.

Sophie Stinchon

Discipline: Rope

Other Skills: Acrobat, hair hanging, single point aerialist and dancer

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The night gardener

In the heart of the garden, under the tender glow of the moon, a figure stirs from the stillness. Each night, she emerges, weaving through the garden’s secrets with a dance of juggling and wonder. With each toss and turn, the night comes alive, filled with whispers of mystery and enchantment. Tonight, however, something feels different. As the first light of dawn begins to creep, the garden holds its breath, sensing a change in the air. Join me in this fleeting moment where the lines between reality and magic blur, and let the garden’s nocturnal guardian enchant you with her final performance.
Travis Louis Jean-Camille Rabarijaona
Discipline: Juggling
Other Skills: Group, partner and individual acrobatics, unicycle

Neither here nor there

This piece is about the joy and uncertainty experienced when we face moving through the familiar and navigating the unknown.

It’s about being neither here nor there, no longer but not quite yet, the untranslatable and unpredictable, and existing in the liminal.

Dilly Taylor

Discipline: Acrodance

Otherskills: Acrobatics

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Brainstorm is a whirlwind exploration of tornadoes and dementia through the experience of chaos, stillness and resignation. Featuring sights and sounds commonly found in the rural “Tornado Alley” region of the Midwestern, USA.

“From the outside looking in, it’s hard to understand. From the inside looking out, it’s hard to explain”. – Unknown

Erin Williams

Discipline: Original mixed apparatus “M-Silks”

Other Skills: Dance and acrobatics

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Surprise Symphony

Watch as she twists and bends with bone cracking shapes. Expect a dynamic mix of tracks, each record scratch marks a thrilling transition in her journey of empowerment and self-expression. “Surprise Symphony” is a celebration of a woman’s transformation as she is feeling fabulous (and slightly tipsy) for a mad night out.

Kasyema Mulinge

Discipline: Aerial Hoop

Other Skills: Contortion

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Mark Dymock – Lighting Designer

Craig Byrne – Sound Designer

Ben Harris – Production Manager

Matt Burch – Technical Manager

Sunni Jolly – Deputy Technical Manager

Sophie Oxenbury – Company Stage Manager/Production Coordinator

Erin Blake – Deputy Stage Manager

Dani Mearns – Sound Operator