External CAT students

For CAT students outside London

While many of our CAT students live in London and attend the London Youth Circus, we also work with students from across the UK.

External CAT students must already be attending another circus school, anywhere in the UK (most likely the training centre closest to their home). Their training takes place at this ‘home centre’ and is managed in partnership with the National Centre for Circus Arts. As well as their weekly training at their home centre, external CAT students also have access to workshops and enrichment events held at the National Centre.

External CAT students will receive additional training and support which includes:

  • Individual Training Plans
  • Specialist workshops at the National Centre for Circus Arts in London, during term breaks;
  • One on one training at their home centre (where applicable)
  • One off workshops at their home centre (where applicable)
  • Support for additional training (such as gymnastics or dance).
  • Training expenses are paid through the scheme
  • Accommodation/travel expenses when visiting London for specialist workshops

From all CAT students, London based and external, we expect excellent attendance, commitment and attitude towards training. External CAT students are expected to commit to regular circus training, approximately 11 – 18 hours per week, and they must attend dance classes as a part of their training.

Funding for External CAT students

The CAT scheme is supported through the Government’s Music and Dance Scheme. All CAT students- both external and London based can apply for the same funding. Grants are provided on a means tested basis, and graded on income of both parents before tax. Students can be eligible for full or part grant, where a part grant is offered; parents pay a termly contribution towards the scheme.

The specialised workshops held during term breaks here at the National Centre for Circus Arts are usually 4 or 5 days long. For these trips to London we support the CAT students and one parent by arranging and paying for accommodation, travel and per diems during their time in London. (Please note the per diems are for the student only).

Becoming an External CAT student

If you are interested in applying for the CAT scheme you should speak to your local circus school to register your interest. Your trainer or school will need to contact the Participation and Outreach Team at The National Centre for Circus Arts to discuss the application further.

For more information please contact participation@nationalcircus.org.uk