Open Training


Circus artists can apply to become an Open Training Member in order to access our facilities for independent training. Membership is primarily intended for professional artists. More information about the application process can be found here.

If you have any questions, please e-mail


Due to the current health situation, members must apply for a place in advance. Walk-up places are not currently available.

Sessions are currently taking place on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Members will be given a time slot of 3 hours. We hope to increase the number of sessions available soon.

How to apply for a place

1) Follow the links below to complete the Booking Request Form for each session that you wish to attend. You need to submit the form by the deadline indicated.

2) Offers will be made on the Thursday of the preceding week.

3) If you are offered a place, you will be e-mailed links to pay for your session and to complete a health questionnaire. Failure to do so will result in you forfeiting your session. Please read your e-mails carefully.

If you aren't offered a place, you will be informed of this. You may subsequently receive an offer if one comes available. You will be given higher priority for future applications.

4) On the day of your session, you will be given an arrival time (17:00 or 17:15) and the location of your training zone.

Upcoming Sessions

Monday 21 September (17:00 - 20:15)
Most places already allocated. Apply here to be considered for remaining/cancelled places. You may only hear on the day.

Wednesday 23 September (17:00 - 20:15)
Most places already allocated. Apply here to be considered for remaining/cancelled places. You may only hear on the day.

Monday 28 September (17:00 - 20:15)
Apply here by 10:00 on Thu 24 Sept to be considered for the initial round of allocations.

Wednesday 30 September (17:00 - 20:15)
Apply here by 10:00 on Thu 24 Sept to be considered for the initial round of allocations.

Sessions for the w/c 5 Oct will be added here on Thu 24 Sept.

COVID-19 Protocols

Full details of our strategy to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 can be found in our Reopening Strategy & User Guidance (see page 11 for Open Training section).

Key points for Open Training

Do not attend if you have primary symptoms of COVID-19.
You will need to complete a health questionnaire before coming and have your temperature checked on arrival.

Wear a face covering at all times when not training*
Keep your face covering on even when you are setting-up or packing away. Face coverings are optional while training; you might wish to wear one when engaged in high intensity activity (droplets from your nose and mouth will spread further when breathing heavily).
*Unless exempt for health reasons.

When moving about the building, keep at least 2 metres apart as much as possible.
Observe the floor markings and one-way systems.

Keep at least 3 metres apart from other users while training.
You will be assigned a training zone, the centre-point of which will be marked on the floor. Keep to this centre-point as much as possible.

Wash or sanitise your hands regularly.
Always sanitise on entry, before handling lifting systems (allow gel to dry) and after handling your face covering.

Do not touch any NCCA equipment without permission.
Except for mats and lifting systems, most equipment is off-limits. You will be informed of specific protocols if permitted to use other NCCA equipment.

Clean your mat(s) at the end of your session.
Use the products provided and following the instructions on the signage (you will also be briefed on this at your first session). Clean the floor as well if handled a lot (such as for handstands).

Inform NCCA if you test positive for COVID-19.
Please let us know if you test positive having been in the building during the 48 hours preceding your positive test result or onset of symptoms (whichever was first).

At your first session back after our re-opening, you will be given a short briefing about some of these key protocols.


Most school equipment (including all aerial kit) is currently unavailable for members. Exceptions include:

- Crash mats and floor mats.
- Tightwire (2m high) in GC1.
- Chinese pole which can be rigged in the Middle Studio (poles in CC out of use).
- Lunges can be booked but members will need their own lunging belts.
- No swinging trapeze or cloud swing is available, but we will consider requests to hard-rig a privately owned bar.
- The wall bars (CC), pull-up bars (GC), ballet barres (Top Studio) and stackable wooden boxes (GC/CC) are all available (cleaning required after use).

All studios will be in use for Open Training, except for the Acro Studio, the Physio/Conditioning Room and the Library. You will only be able to train in the space/zone you are assigned.


Autumn Term 2020-21 - £4.50
Spring Term 2020-21 – TBC
Summer Term 2020-21 – TBC

You will be e-mailed a link to make this payment in advance of each session you are invited to attend.

In addition, a one-off registration fee of £50 applies for new members.

Emergency funding from Arts Council England has enabled us to temporarily reduce training rates for 2020-21. We hope this will go some way to helping artists maintain their craft during these challenging times.

Please note that by August 2021, we will probably need to have increased prices to a similar level to 2019-20 (minimum price point of £8.50 per session).