100 Moves You Can Learn: Dance Acrobatics with Fabian Otte

Fabian’s classes encompass a diverse range of movements, drawing inspiration from Acrodance, Contemporary Floorwork, Tricking, Breaking, and Soft Acrobatics. Beginning with a comprehensive warm-up, he readies both body and mind, introducing the necessary movement quality through improvisation tasks and partner work. In the main phase, Fabian shares an extensive collection of movement skills and floorwork elements which will later on be connected with each other resulting in fluent acrobatic connections. The focus of the workshop will be skill learning and the broadening of your movement repertoire for your dance and/or acrobatics practice.

About Fabian

Fabian is a Berlin-based movement artist with a multidisciplinary background in acrodance, tricking, aerial straps, platform diving, handbalancing and contemporary dance.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in sports science and he underwent professional training in circus schools for two years. His passion for training, teaching and performing extends beyond the borders of Berlin to international intensives and performances.

Fabian remains eager to continually enhance his movement repertoire and shares his journey by teaching and performing for a diverse audience.

More Information


Sun 24th March 2024




£40 for Open Training Members (concession rate)

Maximum number of participants


Who is it for

Participants should be able to roll safely forwards/backwards/sideways and be comfortable with moving on the floor. A minimum amount of strength is required for supporting yourself on the floor in mid-level positions over a longer period of time. A dance/acrobatics background is useful but not required.

Long pants will be helpful for some of the things we do and choosing a t-shirt over a sleeveless top will also make life a little easier.