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Aerial Hoop Level 3




    £300/£255 (Conc.)

  • WHEN

    Monday 6pm – 7.45pm


Apply and consolidate your circus skills: create more dynamic routines with our Level 3 courses.

For those who’ve successfully completed Level 2, these courses are designed to help you put your technical skills into practice. You will continue to build your circus knowledge and start to refine your technique by linking moves together, creating sequences and developing short routines in a specialist circus discipline.

If you already have some experience of Circus Arts and want to join at Level 3, you will need to attend an assessment and identify the most suitable courses for you, based on your current skill level.

Who it’s for

For those with previous experience in static trapeze or aerial hoop, this course is for people who want to apply their static trapeze technique to another aerial discipline.

Continue to build on your aerial circus knowledge and develop your technique further by linking moves together, creating sequences and developing short routines.

This course is for you if you have completed Level 2 Static Trapeze and been signed off by your teacher, or you have been learning static trapeze or aerial hoop for at least 6 months.

Term dates

Term 2

4th January – 28th March 2024

Half term

12th – 18th February 2024

How to book

Existing participants: Booking at this level is only possible once you have been signed-off by your class teacher.

New participants: If you have experience and would like to start training at the National Centre on a more advanced course than Level 1 you would need to complete an Aerial Assessment.

Further information about our adult courses

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Terms & Conditions 

This course would not be suitable for anyone at our beginner level. Please ensure that you are currently signed off by our teachers to take part in classes at this discipline level. If you do not have sign off for this course you will not be able to take part.