Risk Assessment seminar

with Matt Burch

About the seminar

About the Seminar

The seminar will be an introduction to how to write a useful risk assessment focused on circus performances.

We will work together using the NCCA RA template and real scenarios.

We will spend the first part of the workshop looking at the concept of the RA.

In the second part the attendees will work in pairs to produce an assessment.


Who is it for

The seminar is aimed at any artist and industry professional who has an interest in learning how to produce or improve their own risk assessments.



13th July 2022

11am -12:30 pm in the Library




There are a limited number of places. So, you will have to book your place for the seminar.


About Matt

Matt Burch is the Head of rigging at NCCA in London.

He has been helping to keep the acrobats safe at NCCA for around 13 years.

He started out in the circus industry in 1999 as a circus performer and flipped around the world for as long as he could before the rigging side took over.



For booking the seminar, please book below.